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Sagetech’s Vision

Safe skies through advancing technology

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Our History

We’re problem solvers. More than a decade ago, UAV manufacturers realized that traditional transponders were too large and heavy for use on the emerging classes of small UAVs. Hearing of our reputation in microelectronics, software, and firmware, one approached us for a solution. As a result, we developed the world’s first micro-transponder, and the rest is history.

Our Partnerships

We’re a team of connectors, actively building partnerships across the spectrum of companies working on situational awareness solutions for tomorrow’s crewed, uncrewed and eVTOL aircraft. From industry committees to customers to technology providers, you’ll find a bit of Sagetech connection at every point in your situational awareness system journey.

Our Technology Collaborators

Our Leadership

Sagetech personnel sit on a host of industry leading committees to help shape the safe integration of UAS into increasingly crowded skies. Count on us as your go-to resource for the latest information on emerging standards.

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