About Us

Sagetech Corporation provides the world’s smallest aviation surveillance equipment. Our products dominate the sUAS market and are standard or optional equipment on most production sUAS. Sagetech has been a disruptive innovator in miniature surveillance avionics since 1998. Early accomplishments include the Boeing/Insitu ScanEagle autopilot design and several DARPA UAV seedling projects. In 2005 we began delivering Mode C transponders for Marine Corps ScanEagles. This transponder was a first in transponder miniaturization, providing a feature setting ScanEagle apart in the UAS market: the ability to be seen by ATC radar. 2011 saw the introduction of the XP transponder family, which included a Mode S variant with ADS-B Out – the latter a key underpinning of NextGen. Additionally, Sagetech provides manufacturing and refurbishment services, notably for ScanEagle and RQ-21A Blackjack/Integrator UAS. Today, Sagetech employs 55 people distributed between two facilities. We continue to push the state-of-the-art in miniaturization, developing the MX family including TSO-certified avionics for collision avoidance in national airspace and DoD AIMS-certified micro-IFF transponders for military UAS.