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Detect and Avoid & Collision Avoidance Solutions

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The Foundation For BVLOS Operations

Sagetech ACAS solutions help Defense, Civil Government and Commercial customers realize the next generation of UAV-based services faster!

We provide the most advanced certifiable, onboard detect and avoid (DAA) systems for crewed and uncrewed aircraft with our onboard, full power, low SWaP collision avoidance solution – all made possible with an onboard ACAS DAA computer. 

Our team can assist you with proven situational awareness solutions designed for any aircraft size and weight. We are a fast, efficient, cost-effective solution.

  • BVLOS Solutions
  • Achieve Type Certification Faster
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • SafeMission+ Software
  • Onboard ACAS DAA Computer
  • Crewed & Uncrewed Solutions

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  • 1.5 Million Flight Hours
  • 500+ Uncrewed Aircraft Platforms
  • 40+ Countries

How Our ACAS DAA Technology Works

Sagetech’s ACAS Based DAA System for Uncrewed Aircraft

Explore BVLOS Solutions

Our Detect and Avoid solutions can help you take flight! Achieve type certification and BVLOS flight, with our patent-pending products.

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BVLOS Technology Integrations

We Partner With Innovators

We integrate our solution with other BVLOS tech stack technologies that propel your program forward. Strengthen your BVLOS technology stack today!

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Systems Integration Services

Let Sagetech Guide You, Every Step of The Way

We help OEMs, and government agencies all around the world develop their solutions for successful airspace integration.

Whether your project is in pre-development, or further along in the certification process, our team of experts can help guide you to success.

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Customer Testimonials

“The addition of Sagetech’s DAA solution to the industry-leading Penguin C aircraft, with its proven parachute recovery system, creates the world’s best safety case for flying BVLOS missions.”

– Josh Brungardt, UAV Factory’s Executive Vice President

“This Detect and Avoid system will help facilitate Type Certification of our aircraft and enable our customers to fly commercial BVLOS missions safely in the National Airspace.”

– Ali Etebari, General Manager of American AerospaceISR

“Detect and Avoid technology is a key aspect in enabling safe, commercial, beyond visual line of sight drone operations. Safety is paramount, and we’re excited to help test and further develop the Sagetech DAA system to help advance the reality of routine commercial drone operations.”

– Ken Stewart, CEO NUAIR

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