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We assist with situational awareness and detect and avoid solutions for integrating your sXu, Xu, Xr aircraft into the National Airspace System.

With innovations in type certifiable detect and avoid (DAA) systems and other certifiable solutions, we’re working with the leading UAS, UAM/AAM, and crewed rotary companies to enable safer flight.

Whether you’re flying for civil BVLOS industrial applications or coming online with new urban air mobility platforms, Sagetech can assist you with proven situational awareness solutions designed to the lowest SWaP available.

  • Global Certifiable Technology
  • Low SWaP-C
  • Crewed & Uncrewed Solutions
  • Aviation Grade Performance and Reliability
  • Plug and Play Integration
  • ATM integration

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  • 1.5 Million Flight Hours
  • 500+ Unmanned Aircraft Platforms
  • 40+ Countries

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Purpose-built to provide unrivaled performance in the lowest possible size, our solutions incorporate the latest microelectronics technologies with sophisticated computing to satisfy UAM needs. No need to find room for the traditionally large, heavy aircraft avionics solutions. We’re already world leaders in helping global programs achieve BVLOS flight in unmanned aircraft. Put this experience to work for you in creating your UAM situational awareness solution, and fly safer with Sagetech on board.

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“We were flying the ILS approaches and there was another plane performing some photogrammetry missions in the area. It was your transponder providing us the safe separation. Not sure how it sounds in the U.S., but in Europe it is something in the class of “wow effect”, because so far for the drones the NOTAM and no-fly zones had to be created prior to any flight activities. This is for the very first time the UAV flied in non-segregated airspace with other traffic. Thank you for superb devices!”

– Jakob Fojtik, VP of Business Development Primoco UAV SE

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