Miniaturized Electronics Design

Drawing from Sagetech’s 18 year history of designing, producing and refurbishing miniaturized surveillance electronics for the UAS industry, our team of engineers apply their deep expertise in RF, digital, PCBA, mechanical, power and software engineering to create robust designs in micro-electronics.

Certified Electronics Assembly

Our manufacturing system is specialized in micro-electronics assembly, with an IPC-610 certified solder trainer in house. Our rigorous testing and calibration capabilities include environmental, vibration, EMI, and functional tests. With ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C certified manufacturing facilities and proficiency in AS9102 and AS9103 First Article Inspection Reporting (FAIR) procedures, Sagetech is the contract manufacturing supplier of choice for highly successful OEMs.

Composites Manufacturing

Our fiberglass and composite structures have endured hundreds of thousands of flight hours in the most demanding conditions. We have significant experience with prepreg 7781 and wet layup manufacturing and assembly, painting, composite repair and custom CNC machining of fiberglass and composite parts.


Depot-Level Repair and Refurbishment

With solder and debug capabilities to perform expert board- and component-level repairs, our in-depth electronics and composite repair capabilities make Sagetech your outsourced repair partner of choice. Our rigorous testing and recertification processes bring components back to like-new condition. Sagetech’s refurbishment capability can save organizations 80-90% of full replacement cost on maintaining UAS fleets.