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For over a decade, Sagetech micro transponders have flown more than 1.5M hours on a variety of UAS missions in demanding environments. Sagetech solutions fly on most Class 2 and Class 3 military programs worldwide.

Purpose built for the most rugged of unmanned defense missions, Sagetech micro transponders are:

Every day, we work with all branches of the US military as well as NATO partners to ensure programs fly safer missions with Sagetech.

Sagetech On Board

Australian Military

IFF Mode 5

The Only IFF Mode 5 Micro Transponder Currently Shipping

Built to the newest spec: DoD AIMS 17-1000 Mk XII

100% Mode 5 IFF, 0 Deviations

Integration units shipping now

Sagetech Device

no additional integration


Optimized for unmanned systems, the MX Series packs everything you need in a microelectronics package at least 93% smaller and 6x lighter than traditional Mode 5 transponders. Complete with ADS-B In and Out, pressure altitude encoder, antenna diversity, and Ethernet, no further expensive integration of discrete components required.




XP Series – DoD AIMS Mark XA certified and mission-proven for 1.5+M flight hours.

MX Series – In certification now for DoD AIMS Mark XIIB

Certified Military Transponders

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