Mode S Transponder with GPS

The All-In-One With the Most Visibility

The Sagetech XPG Series of transponders packs it all in to deliver Modes A, C, and S, ADS-B Out, plus integrated GPS functionality in a tiny, all-in-one solution.

This is the only transponder available in its class that can be seen by TCAS.

FCC-approved. Ships from stock. Put the experience of millions of mission hours to work for you to improve your UAV situational awareness.

Keep Track

Built-in GPS for 24/7 location awareness.


Includes ADS-B Out plus TCAS visibility for safer UAV and other aircraft operations in controlled airspace.



Sagetech flies seamlessly with the leading autopilots of the world.


Technical Information & Documentation

Whitepaper: UAV Transponders – Essential Technical Considerations for Your Next Program

Guide: UAS Transponder Requirements

Proven In Global Civil Applications

Aerostats, UAVs, and other vehicles requiring Mode S, GPS, and ADS-B Out capabilities.

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