Mode S Transponders with ADS-B

Maximum Functionality in a Minimal SWaP

Sagetech’s next-gen MXS miniature transponder provides Mode S and 1090 MHz ADS-B In/Out for worldwide compliance of your unmanned system, all integrated in a single tiny package. Featuring top and bottom monopole antennas, this transponder provides full pattern coverage for the ultimate in visibility and safety.

These transponders serve as essential UAV equipment on any civil or military program and FAA TSO certifications are pending. Non-certified units are serving in multiple programs now and ship from stock.

No Additional

Integration Needed

ADS-B In/Out, pressure altitude encoder to 100,000 feet, Ethernet connectivity – it’s all included within the unit. Avoid the expense of integrating additional components.



Micro SWaP

Save size and save weight with no impact on power. Full output power over entire specified temperature range — with no droop – keeps your aircraft visible. Just 3.4” x 2.5” x 1.0”, 6.4 oz (190g).



Seriously engineered with antenna diversity to deliver
full pattern coverage, including space-based ADS-B,
with top and bottom monopole antennas.


A detect-and-avoid

system cornerstone

Pair this unit with our MXR interrogator and embedded computer for a certifiable DAA solution.


Technical Information & Documentation

Whitepaper: UAV Transponders – Essential Technical Considerations for Your Next Program

Guide: UAS Transponder Requirements

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