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January 2022

“What to expect within the drone industry in 2022”.

Thought Leader: Rudy Johnson, Sagetech’s Director, Technical Business Development. Check out Rudy’s professional experience here.

Q: What should we watch out for in 2022 in the drone industry?

A: “It will be interesting to see to what degree the continued pandemic will accelerate the need and acceptance of remotely piloted and autonomous systems.

Q: What will be the biggest challenge the drone industry will face in 2022?

A: “A challenging or chaotic environment, such as our current global state, often reveals opportunity as well. The challenges faced by our medical system and supply chain can provide an opportunity for remotely piloted and autonomous systems.

February 2022

“Focus on: DAA Solutions”.

Thought Leader: Drew Esson, Sagetech’s Sr. Director Product Management. Check out Drew’s professional experience here.

Q: How will DAA/ ACAS Computer revolutionize the drone industry?   

A: “DAA represents a massive unlock for hundreds of billions of dollars in new drone-enabled services that require BVLOS capabilities to move forward safely. Drone-based deliveries, linear inspection services, and public services can instantly scale from their infancy today. After that, other more futuristic services for passenger transport (UAM/AAM) will develop more rapidly.” 

Q: What are the main features to look for when integrating DAA in drone systems?

 A: “I would say there are 3 main criteria. Firstly, compliance with industry/government standards is a table-stakes requirement. Secondly, the design of the equipment is also important such as the SWaP characteristics of the system, aircraft integration options, and flexibility for working with a diverse set of third-party components (ex: Non-Cooperative Sensors, Autopilots and C2). Finally, the choice of supplier is vital. You should look for a partner that is customer-focused, experienced, and solution-oriented. The ideal partner is not only focused on core product features but also on its ease to integrate and successfully test on the aircraft.“ 

Q: What are the main challenges a company faces when building DAA systems?   

A: “It is still a rapidly changing industry with a fragmented group of suppliers within the DAA ecosystem. DAA systems need to conform with the standards and support the highest levels of reliability, while still maintaining the flexibility for integrating with the ecosystem that will enable the future UAV economy.”   

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