Sagetech Avionics successfully demonstrated Mode 5 Level 2B Out functionality on our full-powered all-in-one box, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) solution (MX12B). Mode 5 Level 2B Out is a recent requirement that the U.S. Army FTUAS program has set as a threshold. While at the Joint US DoD and NATO Allies Bold Quest 2021 event in Atterbury Indiana, Sagetech’s award-winning MX12B IFF transponder integrated with the KIV-77 crypto computer conducted over 15 hours of live demonstration in a variety of scenarios.

Prior to the live demonstration, the MX12B Mode 5 Level 2B functionality was successfully bench tested using Tel-Instrument’s T-47/M5 dual crypto test set and Viasat’s VRG-1000 test equipment.

Mode 5 Level 2B is a simple and reliable way of recognizing “friendly” air traffic and improving battlefield safety and situational awareness.  Mode 5 Level 2B can help eliminate the need to strategically deconflict manned and unmanned flight leading to more effective battle management.

Upgrading existing Mode 5 IFF to include this functionality has many benefits, such as:

  • Airspace management and deconfliction
  • Visibility to manned aircraft without interrogators
  • More effective Combat Identification
  • Visibility to passive receivers in the battlespace such as PDRS
  • Compatibility with FTUAS requirements
  • Visible to manned aircraft with CDTI
  • MUM-T operations
  • Swarming
Sagetech Avionics Team and U.S. Army at Bold Quest 2021,
testing Mode 5 Level 2B Out.

“Mode 5 Level 2B provides a step function increase in situational awareness for our warfighter.  This capability allows simple ground-based and airborne passive receivers to positively identify friendly aircraft without requiring a complex interrogator and without network information delays.  Packing these capabilities into the world’s only small form-factor, full-featured single-box solution greatly simplifies the integration and operational requirements for aircraft manufacturers and operators.”

– Matthew Hamilton, CTO

The MX12B is the world’s first certified Mode 5 IFF transponder to meet the full DoD AIMS Mk XIIB specification for Mode 5 Level 1 and 2, which is the most comprehensive certification available. From the United States to Europe and the Middle East, customers around the world rely on the MX12B to integrate safely with NATO and allied operations.

The complete MX12B IFF Transponder capabilities include:

  • Military Modes 1, 2, 3, and 5 Level 1, 2, and 2B
  • Civil Modes A, C, and S
  • ADS-B In and Out
  • Antenna Diversity
  • Ethernet
  • Pressure altitude encoder
  • Intuitive GCS software for Traffic Display and IFF Control.
  • Crypto emulators and a full line of accessories
  • Simple, affordable integration
  • Upgradable to include Mode 5 Level 2B In (within the same box)

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