In this brief tutorial video, Tom Furey, CEO of Sagetech, addresses the current and future requirements of detect and avoid (DAA) systems for unmanned aircraft. Watch it to learn:

  • The roadmap for integrating UAS into the NAS

  • Unique requirements for UAS to “see and be seen” by other aircraft

  • The differences between UTM and ATM, and the different classes of ACAS

  • UAS operation under Part 107 vs Part 91 and Part 135

  • MOPS and TSOs required, phases of the DAA system rollout

  • The components of a DAA system and how to create one today

  • Anticipated directions in future DAA technologies

Through committee involvement, industry events, and other industry leadership, Sagetech brings you this knowledge from the front lines of creating DAA solutions for tomorrow’s programs.

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