WHITE SALMON, Wash. March 20, 2020 – Sagetech Avionics, Inc. today announced the integration of the MXS transponder into High Eye Unmanned Aviation’s (The Netherlands) unmanned helicopter system (UAS) named Airboxer. This will aid the system’s integration on airfields and into controlled airspace, by having ADS-B InOut fully functional with the UAV’s software as well as mode S transponder functionality at full power. Sagetech develops and produces robust miniature avionics for the UAS industry. High Eye is a manufacturer of cutting-edge UAS for the civil and military markets worldwide. The integration helps to solidify the Airboxer’s strong position in the unmanned rotorcraft space and beyond.

High Eye Unmanned Aviation’s Airboxer is now equipped with Sagetech’s MXS transponder, allowing its safe integration into national airspace systems worldwide.

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