Joby Aviation and Sagetech Avionics began partnering in 2022 to study the role of on-board piloted Detect and Avoid (DAA) in support of Joby’s proposed enhanced Visual Flight Rules (eVFR) operations. These operations, described in RTCA’s DO-398a Operational Services and Environment Document (OSED) as an extension to special VFR (SVFR), would provide earlier warnings of impending close encounters with nearby aircraft and provide maneuver guidance to avoid close encounters entirely, even when the pilot cannot see the neighboring aircraft. In later implementations, eVFR would provide an operating umbrella that improves operational tolerance to weather impacts by lowering visibility and cloud clearance requirements.   

 The core of the eVFR operating capability is the FAA’s next-generation collision avoidance algorithm for rotorcraft, ACAS Xr.  Sagetech’s ACAS Xr-based DAA system builds on the foundation of their TSO Authorized MXS transponder for use in crewed and uncrewed operations.  Joby continues evaluation and testing of the prototype DAA system in flight and in a lab environment as the system and industry requirements mature. The goal of the joint effort is to certify a DAA solution that meets the needs of Part 135 eVTOL operations and supports any aircraft that would benefit from operating under eVFR. 

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