A-techSYN to Become Licensed Sagetech Reseller in Ireland 

Bingen, WA, (DATE 2023) – Sagetech Avionics, an aerospace technology company that advances safer skies and A-techSYN LTD, the innovator behind the CGT50 VTOL UAV and reseller of UAV subsystems announce their partnership to offer the Sagetech MX Product family, including the TSO certified MXS, ADS-B in/out and DoD AIMS Certified MX12B Mode 5 IFF transponders as part of the CGT50 VTOL UAV ecosystem. The CGT50 VTOL UAV will also be enhanced with Sagetech’s onboard Automated Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) Xu Detect and Avoid (DAA) Processor, enabling increased situational awareness and safety.  

In addition to the integration, A-techSYN Ltd. will become a Sagetech Licensed Reseller in Ireland, offering the XP Series, MX Series, and ACAS X-based DAA to other OEMs in the region. Both companies share a desire to bring robust, reliable, and cutting-edge products to the UAV marketplace and look forward to releasing one of the most advanced UAVs available today.  

“This is a great partnership, combining Sagetech Avionics’ advanced surveillance solutions and A-techSYN’s proprietary UAS architecture to enable safer aircraft operations, bringing the industry closer to unlocking routine BVLOS operations.”

Sagetech Avionics Director of Sales & Channel, Wes Shover

Customers using the CGT50 VTOL UAV will be able to obtain rapid approvals from civil aviation authorities due to the MXS being TSO certified. Enhanced CGT50 VTOL UAVs with onboard ACAS Xu DAA will greatly reduce the operational risk volume, giving the remote pilot greater situational awareness for potential air risks, while prescribing appropriate collision avoidance maneuvers. This automated alerting allows the Operator to develop training standards, using the automated alerts and prescribed maneuvers to ensure greater safety in the National Airspace.  Integrating Non-Cooperative Sensors with Sagetech’s TSO-approved MXS ADS-B transponder via Sagetech’s ACAS X sensor fusion and collision avoidance module provides a complete DAA air risk mitigation solution. This will allow Sagetech Avionics to create a certifiable ACAS X-based avoidance system that can incorporate one or more forms of noncooperative detection as well as Sagetech’s recently certified ADS-B in/out system.  

Civil Aviation Authorities, including the FAA, have consistently stated that UAV operators must be able to detect and avoid cooperative aircraft (those utilizing transponders to broadcast their location) as well as noncooperative traffic (aircraft not broadcasting their location). A significant portion of air traffic around the world is noncooperative, making their detection a paramount safety concern. Combining noncooperative traffic detection, coupled with Sagetech’s cooperative surveillance and avoidance module, adds a more robust set of avoidance options for safer BVLOS operations. 

Sagetech Avionics offers both Cooperative Surveillance (ADS-B in/out and Mode 5 IFF) and Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) for rotorcraft (Xr), large fixed-wing UAVs (Xu), as well as small UAVs (sXu), enabling the fusion of non-cooperative sensors to present the optimal action to be taken when intruder aircraft are detected. Actions can include avoidance maneuvers in horizontal and vertical planes, allowing the aircraft to avoid a collision by turning right or left, and ascending or descending as necessary.  In the future, this system can provide fully autonomous maneuvers, enhancing safety and significantly increasing the economic benefit of uncrewed missions. 

A-techSYN developed  8 different UAVs, a Flight Control System, 17 UAS sub systems and Ground Control Station Software in the last 9 years. A-techSYN’s UAS architecture allow the onboard equipment to communicate with the Avionics Mini flight controller and also with the UAV operator implementing a simple plug-in based approach. This will enable Sagetech to test and implement new features with ease and will provide continues improvement of the DAA technology.      

“This partnership allows A-techSYN to offer its customers one of the most robust UAVs, jumpstarting the BVLOS authorization process by offering a superior safety solution utilizing cooperative surveillance and onboard DAA. We are excited to support other OEMs with integrating ADS-B and/or Mode 5 IFF onto their UAVs.” 

A-techSYn Ltd.- CEO- Gokhan CELIK 

About A-techSYN

A-techSYN Ltd. is an end-to-end UAS solution provider not only developing and implementing an proprietary avionics architecture including electronics and software but also UAVs, ground support equipment, training and flight services. A-techSYN has a very good reputation in the industry for delivering results and partnering with key stakeholders to create SYNergies in Advanced technologies. A-techSYN products are employed in a very broad range of UAS projects requiring safe and reliable operations and flights for over six hours in challenging conditions such as long-distance deliveries in Greenland, border patrols, drug interdiction, environmental impact analyses, offshore wind farm and pipeline inspections and many more. We are striving to enable and liberate the 3rd dimension to mankind’s service.    

About Sagetech Avionics

Sagetech Avionics is an aerospace technology company empowering safe flight in crewed and uncrewed aircraft with certifiable situational awareness solutions. 

Currently serving military and civil duty on a broad range of UAV platforms, Sagetech solutions are mission-proven and offer decades of program experience, certifications, and millions of flight hours to deliver maximum value over the life of an unmanned platform. Today, Sagetech is expanding its technology platform to create comprehensive, certifiable systems such as detect and avoid solutions. 

Every day, Sagetech works in concert with its extensive ecosystem of OEM customers, technology partners, and resellers to ensure UAVs fly safer with Sagetech on board. www.sagetech.com

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