WHITE SALMON, WA USA and NESS-ZIONA, ISRAEL, November 2, 2021 – Sagetech Avionics Inc., a U.S. aerospace technology company providing industry-leading situational awareness solutions for crewed and uncrewed aerial systems, and Ciconia LTD, an Israeli company focused on collision avoidance systems for aerial platforms, jointly announced that the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Homeland Security (HLS) program awarded a $1 million grant to the Sagetech-Ciconia team funding the development of a mid-air conflict management and collision avoidance system for first responders and other aerial platforms.

Sagetech is delighted to have been chosen for this BIRD Foundation grant. We’ve been working with Ciconia on a crowded airspace collision avoidance system, and this program fits very well with our intended collaboration. Together, we will be developing a unique mid-air conflict management system which marries both of our current technologies to create a solution for safe integration of crewed and uncrewed air vehicles in very dense airspace. This grant will help accelerate a critical technology development and advance a powerful international partnership,” remarked Tom Furey, CEO of Sagetech Avionics.

Ciconia develops innovations that enable safe flight for all flying platforms, leveraging the founders’ deep military and commercial flight experience to create intuitive prioritization and conflict management methods. There is a significant opportunity for first responder organizations to use both crewed and uncrewed vehicles to improve flight safety, response time and effectiveness. Our partnership with Sagetech will enable us to jointly develop and commercialize a far more efficient means of employing all airborne assets in critical situations,” explained Moshe Cohen, Ciconia’s CEO.

The BIRD HLS program is focusing this year’s awards on cutting-edge aerial safety and emergency communications system solutions to enhance first responder capabilities. To learn more, visit https://www.dhs.gov/science-and-technology/bird-hls

About the BIRD HLS program:

The BIRD HLS program is a joint initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and the Israel Ministry of Public Security (MOPS) that fosters strategic partnerships between companies in both countries for the purpose of joint product development.

About Ciconia

Ciconia specializes in conflict management and collision avoidance systems for aerial platforms: drones, helicopters and airplanes sharing the low altitude air space.  Ciconia’s flight tested algorithms enable near zero positive and negative false alarm rates and produce accurate pilot steering commands to evade midair collisions.  Headquartered in Ness-Ziona, Israel, with representation in the United States (Ciconia US.), Ciconia’s capabilities include development of midair conflict management systems for military, first responders and commercial markets. Learn more at www.ciconia.flights.

About Sagetech Avionics

Sagetech Avionics is an aerospace technology company empowering safe flight in crewed and uncrewed aircraft with certifiable situational awareness solutions. Currently serving military and civil duty on most small to medium UAVs, Sagetech solutions are mission-proven and offer decades of program experience, certifications, and millions of flight hours to deliver maximum value over the life of an unmanned platform. Today, Sagetech is expanding its technology platform to create comprehensive, certifiable systems such as detect and avoid solutions. Every day, Sagetech works in concert with its extensive ecosystem of OEM customers, technology partners, and resellers to ensure UAVs fly safer with Sagetech on board. Learn more at sagetech.com.

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