Sagetech personnel sit on a host of industry leading committees to help shape the safe integration of UAS into increasingly crowded skies. Count on us as your go-to resource for the latest information on emerging standards.

Sagetech’s Committee Involvement:

  • AIMS Configuration Control Board (CCB)
  • AIMS International Users Working Group
  • ANSI IASSC – UAS Specia Committee
  • Combined Surveillance Committee
  • ASTM F38 UAS Committee
  • NASA AAM Airspace Working Group
  • NASA AAM Aircraft Working Group
  • NASA AAM Supply Chain Working Group
  • RTCA Membership Policy
  • SC-147 Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • SC-147 WG-1/7.1 Surveillance & Tracking (SWG)
  • SC-147 WG-2/7.2 Threat Resolution (TWG)
  • SC-147 WG-7 ACAS sXu
  • SC-186 Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast
  • SC-209 ATCRBS/Mode S Transponder
  • SC-209 WG1 Mode S Transponder MOPS Development/Maintenance
  • SC-228 MOPS for Unmmaned Aircraft Systems
  • SC-228 WG-1 Detect and Avoid (DAA)
  • SC-228 WG-1.8 DAA – Active Surveillance
  • SC-238 Counter UAS
  • State of Washington Unmanned Systems Industry Council

To learn more about the committees we are involved with, connect with an expert today.

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