Our Technology Story

All About Safety - From Day One

We’re problem solvers. More than a decade ago, UAV manufacturers realized that traditional transponders were too large and heavy for use on the emerging classes of small UAVs. Hearing of our reputation in microelectronics, software, and firmware, one approached us for a solution. Together we co-developed the world’s first micro transponder for use in UAVs.

We continually improve. We then took that solution, re-engineered it even smaller, and made it commercially available as the XP Series. To date, these transponders have performed reliably for millions of flight hours on hundreds of unmanned aircraft platforms around the world.,


Microelectronics Expertise

at Our Core

Basically, we’re obsessed with small. Two-thirds of our team are engineers, and we live to make the impossible possible. With advanced DSP techniques, bare metal programming, and intricate board layering, we’re known for reliably manufacturing what previously could not be manufactured.

But we’re more than a widget. Users control these devices with our sophisticated, integrated firmware and software, maximizing and extending the performance of our devices over time.

Blue Skies Ahead

Urban Air Mobility. Electric aircraft. Civil and military BVLOS flight. We’re excited about the proliferation of unmanned aircraft applications in national airspace requiring volumes of miniaturized, sophisticated situational awareness equipment.

Look for us. We’re out front offering industry leadership, sitting on numerous committees and lending our hardware and software expertise to help shape this new future.

Count on us. We’re already serving these needs with our newest platform, the MX Series, offering a constellation of military and civil miniature transponders, interrogators, GPS, software, and other modular components to serve as an integrated technology core for tomorrow’s advanced systems, including new onboard detect and avoid systems.