Certifiable Detect and Avoid Solutions

Access The Webinar On-Demand

Recently, Tom Furey, CEO of Sagetech Avionics presented at the Innovations in Mobility Aerospace Digital Summit hosting a live webinar on certifiable Detect and Avoid Solutions for Unmanned Aircraft.

During the webinar, participants learned:

  • FAA/RTCA specifications, descriptions, and the expected timing for certifiable ACAS – based Detect & Avoid systems
  • Certifiable solutions for UAS, unmanned and manned rotorcraft, UAM/AAM vehicles
  • ACAS variants and use cases
  • And more!

Watch the webinar recording on-demand.

The Innovations in Mobility Aerospace Digital Summit is where aerospace mobility leaders convene to leverage cutting-edge technology and design, develop safety measures, integrate current regulations, suggest future policies, and understand how to expand markets and diversify revenue streams.