Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Surveillance enabling DAA

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Sagetech partnered with other UAV Manufacturers to offer valuable insights on cooperative and non-cooperative surveillance.

Sagetech hosted a session about: How Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Surveillance enables Detect And Avoid as a key component of BVLOS and Airspace Integration.

Description: Detect and Avoid (DAA) is a key component of BVLOS operations and airspace integration. In the language of Detect and Avoid there are two types of traffic to detect: cooperative and non-cooperative. Learn how these two distinct and complementary approached provide holistic surveillance streams to threat resolution algorithms.

Speaker: Rudy Johnson, Director of Technical Business Development – Sagetech Avionics

Access the webinar on-demand – We hope you will find the session informative and that it will provide you with valuable insights into BVLOS Operations!