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Great Hardware is Powered By Great Software

Sagetech’s sophisticated all-in-one software suite ships with every product to provide integration plus command and control capabilities that ensure the success of your transponder implementation.

Intuitive. Intelligent. Compliant. For more than a decade, UAS companies worldwide have relied on Sagetech’s software and firmware expertise for mission-critical flight applications.

MXS Transponder System
Software Test GUI

Integrate and Test

Integrate and configure the transponder for your specific platform. Our software suite enables you to test your autopilot integration, manage your crypto integration, simulate GPS, set up your comm ports, benchtop test your integration, and more.

Plug and play performance integrates transponders onto any platform, including Mode 5 IFF enabled aircraft.

Command and Control

Use the same software suite as flight software from the ground station once your transponder is on board. Track up to 400 aircraft simultaneously, control the IFF response to ATC requests, enable or disable modes, monitor thermal status, and understand the overall health of the onboard transponder.

Log all Results

Advanced features including logging, FPGA data, time and day authentication and other features ensure you capture the data you need for your mission.

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