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Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out 

High Reliability In a Small Package

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The Industry’s Most Reliable Mode S Transponder Available

Sagetech XPS transponders deliver ADS-B Out capability with the highest reliability available in a single, tiny, FCC-approved package. The XPS enables you to become visible to modern Detect-and-Avoid (DAA) systems at extended ranges, per requirements.

Massive functionality. Ships from stock. Put the experience of millions of mission hours to work for you to improve UAV visibility and safety.


  • Delivery | Gliders | Inspection | High Altitude Aircraft | Commercial Agriculture
  • Fire Agencies | Police + Border Patrol | Risk Management | First Responders

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  • 1.5 Million Military Flight Hours Completed
  • Ship from Stock Pre-Certified Units
  • 10+ Years Experience

XPS Key Features:

  • Autopilot Integration -We fly seamlessly with the leading autopilots of the world.
  • XP transponders have amassed over 1.5 million flight hours in combat, high altitude, and other demanding flight environments
  • Can be seen by TCAS

XPS Specifications:

  • Modes 3/A, C, S
  • ADS-B Out (extended squitter) to performance standard RTCA DO-260B
  • Federally approved: XP family FCC ID: YT5XP-TR
  • Serial comms: Proprietary protocol RS-232 up to 460.8 kbps / Accord NexNav, NMEA RS-232, adjustable data rate
  • Small size and weight: 3.5” x 1.8” x 0.7”, 3.53 ounces (100 grams)
  • Low power: < 1W standby, 8 watts (typical), 14 watts (max)
  • Designed to FAA TSO standards
  • Integrated altitude encoder to 85K feet per SAE AS392c, SAE AS8003
  • Performance to RTCA DO-181E

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